About 139 students have suffered injuries and one student was announced dead after a stampede at the University of Nairobi, Kikuyu campus.Students had been a state of fear at the Kikuyu Campus for the past two weeks over rumors that the college is among those targeted by Al-Shabaab terrorists. We gathered information that most students had come up with defense strategies in case of attack.

This alertness led to the members of Kimberly hostel thinking that a transformer explosion was a terrorist attack. Students rushed towards the regular exits in fear of their lives thus causing a stampede. Students like Mr Ochieng escaped through the fourth floor window and sustained multiple arm injuries. Others scampered to the field where they felt safe.

139 are said to be nursing injuries in different hospitals in the city. 101 are being treated at the Kenyatta National Hospital : 37 are being attended to at PCEA Kikuyu Hospital while two are still undergoing treatment at Karen Hospital where Maina succumbed to his injuries. Francis Maina, a third year student, is the only one who has been said to have died after the stampede.

A University of Nairobi student leader attributed the death of their colleague to lack of emergency doors at the hostels. Outgoing student union Vice-Chairperson Irene Kendi said the situation was dire and there was need to create emergency exit routes as soon as possible, to avoid a bigger disaster.  She said.

“Security in our campus is pathetic. We have not learnt from what happened in Garissa. I have raised the issue of emergency exits but nothing has been done,

She said many of the students were agitated and the situation could affect their performance in examinations due in the next few days. Ms Kendi urged the university administration to offer counselling to students.

Vice Chancellor Peter Mbithi said:

“We have confirmed that it was not a terror attack. This was a reaction by scared students who thought they were fleeing from terrorists.”

This is a very sad and unfortunate occurrence, we wish all campus students to continue being vigilant however within good reason.