What is the best solution to today’s global problems? How best are we going to solve all these sorts of issues ranging from social issues to unavoidable economic issues such as hunger, poverty, epidemics, food insecurity and the likes? Innovation, is the answer to all our present and future problems. Innovation may result to positive change, efficiency, productivity and quality.

Innovation is the development of better, convenient and new ways in tackling day to day activities. Everyone can innovate. For a young innovator, it means he/she can execute an idea, can create dynamic products or a service or can modify to improve an already existing idea, product or service.

Wednesday August 3rd, witnessed his Excellency the president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta officially launch the innovation week at The University of Nairobi Main Campus. The day’s event saw the president address the various stakeholders present, innovators and the students’ community at large.


A week ago, at the State House Energy Summit at State House, the people’s president went ahead to announce that the government of Kenya will allocate Sh100 million to facilitate innovation, for the University of Nairobi. He didn’t limit his words to the varsity, he called on other universities to present their innovations in the agricultural and health sectors, since these sectors highly influence the economic growth of Kenya.

New inventions and the yearly exhibitions will now be improved thanks to the sufficient funds allocated for 2016’s innovation week. His Excellency, Kenyatta specifically pointed out the mobile banking as one of the lead innovations and termed them as trend setters.

Local innovators should also be given a chance to prove their effectiveness and credibility, says Mr. Kenyatta and this could only be achieved if both the private and government corporations invest in what’s made in Kenya.