A University of Nairobi alumnus of the year 2015 has won an award for the best research thesis at a top university in China.

Ezekiel Atetwe who graduated with a First Class Honours at the UoN has been studying for an International Masters in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at East China Normal University, the second best university in China for teacher education and preparation. Atetwe said.

“I was offered two scholarships, one, to study a Masters in Kiswahili at UoN and a Chinese MOFCOM scholarship to study Educational Leadership and Policy studies in China. After wide consultation and best advice from some of the lecturers at UoN, I opted for the opportunity to study in China,”

His research which was based on the impact of the decentralised teacher recruitment and selection policy in Kenyan secondary schools won him the Best Thesis Research Award for International Centre for Teacher Education. Atetwe explains.

“My research put forward ways in which an effective decentralisation of teacher recruitment policy can be designed to solve the issues of unequitable teacher distribution in secondary schools,”

Armed with useful research findings, Atetwe now expresses his desire to beef his training as an intern at top education policy makers including Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) and Uwezo-Kenya.

“Additionally, I would be glad to participate in the implementation of education reforms in Kenya, starting with the ongoing curriculum testing across the country,” he says.

Courtesy of SDE.