Following the planned peaceful demonstrations by KUSO (Kenya University Students Organization), most campuses agreed to support the cause which was/is aimed at voicing out the comrade plea against fee increment. However, a section of UoN leaders and members of KUSO are bitterly blaming the KU leaders for betrayal and laxity in executing the planned demo. Words were flying out in rage with unconfirmed accusations that the KU officials took hefty bribes from the Government in order to destabilize the demonstration which is set to become the biggest in the history of Kenyan campuses.

The Opinion

KU prefers to engage the diplomatic approach to such situation which is a wise idea in this case owing to the fact that peaceful demonstrations always register sour endings. This is campus and we all know that ‘peace’ and ‘demonstration’ will never share a sentence. UoN, on the other hand are known to take to the streets to get their voices heard- literally. The Government is faced by two rebellions, one of diplomats and the  other? UoN style


By VarCity Correspondent