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UoN Students Cry for Help As Many Lack Hostels and Sleep on Floor

Nyayo Hostels- KU

A recent video of University of Nairobi students crying for help as they have been left with nowhere to sleep has gone viral exposing the rot in the University some more.

Word was already out that there was quite a good number of students who didn’t have hostels to live in and those that had gotten them were no better off as the hostels were overcrowded. A twitter user recently shared a 1 minute 57 sec video of a student who says he comes all the way from Laikipia, explaining how bad the situation has been for him and others like him.

The unidentified student says they are suffering as they don’t have rooms to sleep in and they have resulted to sleeping in other areas like TV rooms and corridors without beds. The student says even some of the second years have also missed rooms as well.

The blame has for a long been put on the institutions Vice Chancellor Professor Peter Mbithi but now private developers are also being blamed as it is said they are likely to have a hand in the matter so they can get clients for their high end expensive hostels.

Here is the video;