This year has been one for the books. So much happened in the politics angle and alot of it affected The University of Nairobi. Here are some reasons why UoN Students had the worse year;

  1. Lecturers’ Strike in July

Lecturers in various universities went on strike because of pay in early July. The 2013 – 2017 CBA was still yet to be fully implemented at this time. As a result students had to go home abruptly. After a while, some of the cash was released to the universities and students went back to school.

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  1. Babu Owino Protests that led to School’s Closure

Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino was arrested by the police for saying some mean and stupid things (as always) leading foolish UoN students to protest calling for his release. Anticipating the protest, anti-riot police were sent to the scene to calm things down but in reality, they made the situation a million times worse. They allegedly chased, hit, beat, teargassed and harassed both male and female students on campus leaving many traumatized.

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  1. Elections in August

Because of elections on August 8th, several universities decided to close to allow for the elections to take place and for students to go and vote. Due to some mild post-election violence that took place, many people remained at home for their own safety.

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  1. Repeat Elections in October

The repeat elections were held on October 26th meaning that students who had returned to school in September would go on break again to allow for a peaceful election process, again. During this election too, there was a little bit of unrest causing students to once again stay home for a little bit longer.


  1. Second Lecturers’ Strike from October 30th

Before the repeat elections took place, university lecturers had issued a strike warning saying that if their previous (CBA) demands were not finally met, they would go on strike once again. They stayed true to their word and began their strike at the end of the month which saw UoN students stay home even longer.

  1. Missed Semesters

In the end, UoN students missed two out of three entire semesters this year and have a lot of catching up to do. This means that fourth years who were about to graduate have to wait a little longer and first years who are eager to move to second year will remain freshmen for a little longer. Even when students were supposed to be at school, some lecturers weren’t showing up for class, you know, the usual.


  1. Delayed Exams

So the end of semester exams (for what was supposed to be the May to September semester I guess) have been postponed to January 2018 even though many students, including myself, are far from ready. UoN students will not have a peaceful Christmas break; they’ll have a lot of catching up to do on their own and they don’t even know when the exams they’re studying for are.


  1. Lost Glory

There was a time the University of Nairobi was referred to as ‘prestigious’ but now if you tell anyone that asks that you are a student there, they laugh in your face and pity you. The varsity was once number one in Kenya and Top 20 in Africa, a spot they held for many years but in 2017, they lost the claim to the number one position in the country to Moi University. You know something is wrong when Moi Uni is ranked above you and you were once miles ahead of them.


Keep University of Nairobi students in your prayers this festive season. Hopefully 2018 will go their way.