The famous Rapper and NRG radio presenter Barak Jacuzzi, was beaten up by a group of people really bad. The group consisted of the whole gang of Timmy and Twenny famously known at TnT, who are Kenyan rappers as well. A video surfaced yesterday night all over the internet of Barak Jaccuzi being beaten up at his house.

A man is seen addressing the issue on the videos calling out another person’s name claiming he will be next. They allegedly raided his house. TnT also uploaded videos of how they beat up Jaccuzzi. They called Jacuzzi to ask for his location but he lied he was at KFC. I mean I’m not taking sides but that’s a cowardly move.

Jacuzzi also responded by uploading videos on his Instagram about the fight, since some of his fans were concerned. Barak claims that they didn’t even beat him that bad and he’s still finer than ‘them other niggas’.

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He’s also dropping a freestyle called ‘Bad energy’ and I’m guessing its a diss track.

In the song he says ’And y’all niggas acting like the females, tripping over details’. It sounds like he’s clearly addressing them.

It’s not really clear what the beef was all about but rumor has it was because the ‘Mo juice’ rapper released a diss track mainly aiming at TnT and they retaliated.

Here is the video of the fight;