Curtees Pharees is the super designer and stylist behind the much famed Klothine 254 that has taken Kenya’s fashion market by storm. In a world where the young and upcoming do not find it an easy enough task, Klothline 254 has great style and distinctiveness that translates into clothes, and there is no single doubt that this brand is slowly going to become international in due time. Curtees’ designs feature eye-catching versions of the modern-word fashion and besides having an incredible technical skill.

Klothline_254 klothline_254 • Instagram photos and videos
Crop top and sweatpants by Klothline 254

Pharees possesses a unique business sense and when we engaged him in our offices for a talk about his clothing line, he had this intuition about what our generation want to wear, and a heap of talent and focus, that guides him every day.

Klothline 254 7
Trendy Ankara shorts with a klothline254 croptop

Founded in January 2015, Klothline 254 has surpassed expectations defying all odds with an authentic Kenyan/African theme that is inspired by different ethnic connotations.

Cute yellow and black dress
Cute yellow and black dress

Think of urban wears like hoodies, sweatshirts, college jackets with an amazing African touch, Curtees is demonstrates how you can fuse creativity and innovation without losing originality.

Mr and Miss KUSA
A contestant at Mr and Miss KUSA dressed by Klothline 254

This eye-catching casual designs by Klothline 254 explains it’s fantastic growth. Talk of ragged, skater, shorts, there is bounty of different apparels to choose from.

Klothline 254
High waist kitenge fitting pants

Fresh from winning an award from the recently concluded Swahili Model Awards in Mombasa, a cultural event that seeks to embrace local fashion and beauty, Curtees Pharees is intent on putting Kenya on the same level with the super-powers of the world of fashion.

Klothline_254 klothline_254 • Instagram photos and videos
Green and yellow kitenge cap and high waist skirt

Flawless and fanciful, Klothline 254 has custom made shoes and other accessories like earrings, handbags, clutch bags, bangles and necklaces.

Custom made shoes
Custom made shoes

If you are foraging for branded T-shirts and corporate uniforms, or whether it is wedding gowns and accessories this innovative clothing line can dress you up for any occasion.

klothline 254
Tierry in a hoodie and Lola in a crop top and bandana from Klothline 254

Located in Nairobi’s CBD, just near the Tuskys Beba Beba, Klothline 254 offers unrivaled and quality apparels and offers free delivery services.

Klothline 254 College jacket
Klothline 254 College jacket and sweatpants

If you want to get any of this get in touch with Curtees Pharees on 0729153723 or visit their shop in town. You can also follow him on social media Instagram @Klothline_254 and twitter @Klothline_254 and Facebook Klothline_254.