After Uruguay swiftly made way to the quarter final, Diego Godin celebrated over his team winning 2-1 against Christian Ronaldo of Portugal.

However his celebratory message is what sent the KOT into a frenzy. Diego tweeted in sheng. 

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Noma is a Kenyan slang used to mean `good,fine or great’.

In Spanish it solely means `awesome’.

This did not stop Kenyans from reacting to Godin tweeting in sheng and went on to add lyrics of Octopizzo’s `Noma Ni’ song.

Here are some of the hilarious reactions;

  • Noma ni niko Magadi…..
  • Jamaa ni mdigo bana……
  • Noma ni we ni mtiaji……
  • Sawa Diego Godin Kinuthia….

Even though they didnt exactly mean the Kenyan sheng’, we are still jazzed by the statement, ni noma!!!