BThe promised Government wi-fi for sure will kill the modem business. Most modems go for around Ksh 1999 to around 5k…Most campus dudes are now going for the Drifta USB, an ultraportable DStv decoder used with laptops and PCs. This is how this marvelous gizmo piece works: the decoder uses the DVB-H technology that delivers video to mobile devices at a 320 by 240 pixel- resolution. Its uses terrestrial broadcast, similar to radio, unlike the satellite tech used in the normal DStv dish. It’s simple to use, just go to any Multichoice outlet and get yourself a Drifta USB for only Ksh 2500. Install the Drifa Mobile software Ver 1.3.3  from a microCD, plug your device to your laptop and call the Multichoice hotline() for activation. You get to watch 14 channels FREE of charge for the first three months. But premium DStv subscribers use the services completely free of charge.

Pros:  One can enjoy cool channels like: Africa Majic, Sony Max, Nat Geo, Supersport Blitz, Supersport 3, Supersport 9, SuperSport Select, Channel O, KBC,NTV, Citizen, Disney Juniour and CNN for the Maxi Bonquet.

The monthly subscription ranges from FREE for premium users to ksh400 for regular subscribers. Plus you are billed by Multichoice and not your mobile subscribers.

The Drifta USB dongle is ultraportable and efficient for a student

Cons: The DVH-B coverage covers only Nairobi, Mombasa and their surroundings. Multichoice is however extending the coverage radius to more towns in Kenya.

It shows relatively smaller pictures with a resolution of 320 by 240 pixels which is roughly a 10cm by 8cm screen which cannot be enlarged.

It’s simply a cool campus gadget especially for the football fanatics and the tech boys. ‘Cool’,however, is relative and highly depends on your ability to cope with the cons.

by Slither Bee