Drone users among them film directors and music video directors have now been put in the light on the issue of drone use as initially they never knew if it was legal or illegal. While that may be good news to the industry, the fees that have come with the legalization are definitely not good news as drone users will have to part with anything from Ksh 60,000 to 232,000 not forgetting they also have to get licenses for the drones and licenses for their operators which will have to be renewed yearly.

Drone Ownership Process

Drone owners have also been given up-to six months to register them especially those with new ones. According to Isaac Gabantu, a film director, this is like taking one step ahead and taking seven steps backwards as the directors will have to somehow shift some of the costs to their clients, something which may discourage some of them.

However this is said to be a pilot program meant to test out the market so they are hoping the government will have a change of heart and revise the charges.