YouTube is meant for video, and it’s really good at that; but as almost everyone has figured out by now, it’s also great for music. But unfortunately listening to the tunes on the mobile app isn’t always the most enjoyable experience. 

The YouTube app has one particularly egregious flaw for listeners: Playback is only available when the app is front and center on a user’s screen, and it stops when you shift your attentions elsewhere and open another app.

Especially in countries where spotify is still not accessible, YouTube ends up being the default music streaming app for most peeps.

Thankfully, there are simple workarounds for this playback issue that work out for Android, so you’ll actually be able to use your phone while you’re listening to your favorite songs.

  • Open up your Chrome browser, and navigate to 
  • Hit the three-dot menu button on the top right corner of the screen. Head to the “Request desktop site” option near the bottom of the list, and tap the field to turn it on. Check out how it should look below:


  • Then, you can pick out the song you want to play. Accept any popups asking for permission for YouTube to display notifications. 
  • Once your song is playing, you can leave the Chrome app in the background and move onto other tasks. The playback will stop at first — but you control the track via the phone’s notifications menu. 


Now that you can play YouTube tunes whenever you want, you’ll never worry about keeping your phone screen focused on the video.