Kenyans on twitter never sympathize or care who you are. United States International University was being roasted and the trend went viral. “When a chic from USIU asks you if you know cognac and you only know konyagi” so the disses have been blowing up social media.

Why The USIU Disses?

What people out there are trying to prove that the uni is full of blondes, Barbie’s, rich and spoilt kids, softies, and the list is endless.

But why would people think so, ever been to USIU and feel like you are on some Broadway runway that’s where style comes first then comfort?

The public believe the institution is some kind of high school like those in the American series where you have the popular kids, privileged kids. But why should they suffer for their silver platters. So what exactly is the problem? “wanajifanya sana, accent sijui tabia” that’s was according to a concerned but bitter guy.

To some people the memes are making their day. The dissing and trolls were aimed at showing how different the students were different from other university students.

Here are some of the best disses:

A USIU student found the memes funny and now believes they should stop,

“why can’t Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) allow us to prosper? You all thought you were being savage, but now you have made USIU more popular.

How do you handle roasts when suddenly the heat is on you? So will you sit there and pretend like you are all gangster but in real sense you are hurting? Or are you going to pretend you aren’t heard anything? Some people bottle it up; others will have comebacks for days. Maybe turn the tables and unleash your fury.

Being verbally attacked can at times really hurt if you aren’t strong at heart. It is justifiable to naturally react defensively then again, it is never that serious.

Which was your favorite USIU diss? Tell us below.