USIU Creative Week: Assimilation Exercise


The Varsity has been having different activities throughout the creative week.  Assimilation was held in the university’s auditorium, it is a student forum something like a conference for International Relations students, where they get to discuss certain global issues as members of United Nations.

The Assimilation discussion was about sustainable development in the world whereby each student was assigned to represent different countries and act as a member state. Basically, the meeting was a representation of what actually happens in the United Nations delegation meetings.

The theme of the discussion was specific to hunger and poverty. This two broad social issues in the world were thoroughly analyzed and explained in creative ways from the root causes to its effects in society. The upcoming diplomacy students get to develop and formulate the effective and efficient possible suggestions and solutions to the emerging hunger and poverty experienced in the different parts of the world.

According to a student, he says it is a fun experience. Theory and class tutorials can at times be boring, but having a first-hand experience is exciting and an even easier way to grasp the concepts learnt in the lecture halls.

This activity is supposed to improve one’s skills in negotiation, conflict resolution and disaster management. Argumentative skills are sharpened since one is able to debate on behalf of their respective nation states that was initially allocated to them at the start of the Assimilation week.

‘My view on parliament or United Nations conference being boring changed completely. It’s just a fun learning experience. And the interaction is even better. You get to engage with crazy people, every group has at least one liberal minded individual” says another International Relations student who is looking forward to more participation and interaction.

USIU Africa’s creative week has seen evident results in ensuring quality education in a modern world. It is safe to say, that the higher learning institution is accredited for its effective International Relations degree.

Have you ever been part of an assimilation exercise? Share your experience below.