USIU is definitely the one of the most culturally diverse universities on the continent. This diversity has brought gifted students who have so much to show outside of the classroom.

The Creatives Week was an initiative brought about to showcase and focus on the creativity of the student body of USIU-Africa. It started off as a Mr & Miss USIU project spearheaded by Mr. & Miss USIU Africa. It however has eventually evolved to become a collaborative effort and project from all parts of the school, and is now a main addition to the newly re-branded, Campus Choice Awards.

Fun and Games

Behind the cafeteria was the base for all activities of the week. There were 4 main tents to house USIU creatives. There was a tent for musical creatives, performing arts creatives, visual arts creatives and the entrepreneur & innovators tent. These tents acted as homes for creatives to display their work as well as interact with the university as a whole. One of the main focuses of the field was the stage on the grounds. This was used to house performances that were held in between classes. Over here we were graced with awesome performances from instrumentalists, spoken word artists, rappers as well as singers.

Numerous groups performed, entertaining the crowd through their original compositions and recordings. There was also a DJ Camp present. This was the home for USIU DJ’s who also had a chance to interact and showcase their skills to the student body. This was the routine for the week, each day different as a result of the line-up of performances. Other than the creatives space allocated for the creatives, other activities were also held in the spirit of the Creatives Week.

IT And Communication Lectures

One of which was the innovative public lecture held in the library. Here we had a session with creatives who were sharing on ‘Progressing the Society through Creativity’. Speakers included students Shariffah Ingosi, and Eddy Musoke. Alumni Laura Akunga as well as author Dr. Wale Akinyemi. Each speaker spoke on the theme, giving insight to the power of creativity from their point of view.

The IT club also made a huge mark on the week, as they held an augmented reality demonstration in the Library Bookshop with an AR app they created. With AR trending in the tech world through viral games like Pokemon Go, the IT Club was able to break down the technology to the audience as well as give them a chance to interact with AR technology through their phones.

A public lecture was held during the week that featured Mc Jessy and Eric Omondi. Here they were talking about Communication for Comedy showcasing how communication can be used in very creative ways to address issues and make a statement. Workshops were also held for photographers, bloggers and journalists with industry stakeholders sharing their insight on these powerful mediums of expression. All in all, it was a week filled with activities to celebrate passion as well as educate the student body on the power of creativity.

USIU Campus Choice Awards 

It ended on Thursday as the students culminated the event with the Campus Choice Awards, Awarding Ceremony. The re-branded awarding ceremony cut down on the numerous existing awards that were present before.


However, 5 awards were added which were given based on the activities of the week and more importantly focused on creatives abiding by the theme we set in place – ‘Progressing the Society through Creativity’.


All awards were given to those who through their creativity brought the theme out.

Award Ceremony

Winners for the awards were:


Performing Arts Creative of The Year – Ivan Irakoze. Ivan is a spoken word artist. What made him take the crown were the powerful performances he did during the week. His pieces focused on creativity as well as the need to embrace our dreams.

Musical Creative of The Year – Sophia Mendes. Sophia not only has a powerful voice, but a very consistent attitude with her craft. She performed on nearly all the days switching up lyrics of songs to drive her message forward.


Visual Arts Creative of The Year – Shariffah Ingosi  is a painter who uses innovative and unconventional tools to bring her work to life. All her work during the week focused on the power of creativity, and its ability to progress the society.

Entrepreneur of The Year – Amos Mondo Nijiraini. This remarkable entrepreneur set the bar high with his company Eco Create & Innovate. They recycle bottles and use them to make beautiful tiles that can be used for almost any purpose.

Innovator of The Year – IT Club. After their AR demonstration, there was no denying how deserving they were of this award. While the global focus of AR lies in entertainment, it can be used for numerous causes such as education, medicine and even manufacturing.

Winner of the Best Senior GPA Mr.Eric Ochaka
Winner of the Best Senior GPA Mr.Eric Ochaka

These winners naturally brought out the theme with their work during the week. While the Creatives Week and all its activities focus on giving platforms to our students, USIU intends on using this platform to not only promote passion, but also promote the need to add value to our world using our gifts.