This is usually the crucial times in any university systems semester. Either varsities are done with their exams or are in the process of sitting for exams or are preparing to start their exams. Most private schools usually have the whole week with each day having a paper, unlike public universities such as The University of Nairobi exams might go as long as a month with intervals of two to three days in between.

How well do you know your university’s grading system?

USIU Africa being a foreign university that is housed by Kenya, it usually uses the American higher education grading system. You probably heard a USIU student talk about GPA and didn’t know what that was because you were uses to just normal numeric grading systems of As, Bs and Cs.

GPA is an acronym for Grade Point Average, in other news it is just a normal way of saying average mean.  So this GPA kind is whereby a unit or a subject is graded independently out of a possible 4. It kinda reminds us of KCSE when English, mathematics and the likes were graded separately. With the scale of 4, 3.75 is a distinction that is a first class honors in USIU. Whereas in UoN, a first class honors is simply an average mean of 70%.

Another distinction USIU has from UoN, they refer to graduation as commencement as opposed to graduation. As the name says it, they believe once you are done with acquiring your degree it is now time to commence, start the intellectual journey where the graduate will put into practice their knowledge and skills.

Study weeks are given right before the exam, in USIU. In UoN every day is a study week, the last days to exams is when the lecturers rush to finish the syllabus and make up for the loss time.

Any other differences in the two systems you know of? Let us know below.