Are your parents rushing you to get out of their house after you finally found a job? Do you not want to live with your parents while in uni? If so, consider living in one of the following places as they’re affordable and have all the facilities you need for a low cost.

  1. Kasarani

It is located near Thika superhighway that has less traffic jam than a lot most Nairobi roads. Bedsitters range from 6,000 to 10,000 and also one or two bedroom houses can be acquired at fair prices of around 13,000.

  1. Uthiru

This quiet place is situated along Waiyaki way. A one bedroom house can be acquired at about Ksh 10,000 which is almost cheaper compared to other major towns in the city. The place is very convenient for anyone who works or schools in the CBD as it can take approximately 20 minutes assuming there is no traffic.

  1. Rongai

It’s honestly not as far as people make it seem. If you are looking for a one bedroom house, the price ranges from between 8-10K a month. The place offers affordable and spacious houses and the cost of living is also low. The only disadvantage is the traffic.

  1. Juja

Located on the outskirts of Nairobi. Buses to the city centre are plenty. Most people who live there are JKUAT students. A single room in Juja is about Ksh 2,500-Ksh 5,000,a bedsitter is about Ksh 5,000-Ksh 8,000 while one bedroom is Ksh 6,000-Ksh 13,000.

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  1. Embakasi

The estate is very secure; the houses in this estate are relatively cheap and it’s close to Mombasa Road. A one bedroom house in Embakasi goes for about Ksh 10,000-15,000 and a bedsitter goes for Ksh 6,500-10,000. There are many supermarkets in this area including Taj Mall and Tuskys.

  1. Pipeline

The homes here are quite affordable. In pipeline a single room goes for about Ksh 2,500-6,000 while a bedsitter goes for about Ksh 6,500-8,000 and a one bedroom goes for Ksh 7,000-13,000.