It was all fun and games in the month of November when guys didnt shave for the movement. We saw all sort of scruffy looking guys walking around, and we were silent.

However, there are some who have taken the #noshaving movement abit too far and we have had enough!

Here is a list of some celebs we think need to trim or completely shave their mane:

Shaffie Weru

The radio personality’s beard has a personality all on its own. Many people miss Shaffie’s face!

DJ Shiti

He may be serving us some laughs but we still cant get out eyes off his beard.

Image result for dj shiti beard

Joe Muchiri

The radio presenter may sound good, but until his beard gets some TLC, that’s where he will stay!

Image result for joe muchiri beardJohn Allan Namu

Related image

From John Allan Namu to Hassan Joho, many people do not like the new addition to Johns face and want it gone!

Alex Kayo Khainga

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The young actor was among the three finalists for BET’s hotly contested reality contest “Top Actor Africa”. Hiowever, we do hope since then he neatened up his mane.


Kenya’s Afropop artist may be jamming us in music but his beard leaves many interested in seeing his face clear!

Image result for rankaddah

Denis Nzioka

He may have been discriminated against and denied a haircut for being gay however, we offer to give him one!!

Image result for Denis Nzioka beard


The master of hit collabos has some work to do on his mane. Just a simple touch of the razor will do wonders!

Image result for kristoff kenya

Nuru Bahati

Nuru Bahati is a biro artist, graphic designer and poet. He says he is a laid back fellow, very simple and socially awkward, a constant learner and a man with many flaws. He has been fortunate to work with Fatumas Voice Foundation doing logistic

Nuru Bahati 3

Simple Tips To Shaving Like A Boss


Joseph Wambua aka Jemedari is a musician, voice artist, biker, furniture designer and chef depending on who’s asking. He’s been in and out of the city of Nairobi constantly since his teens, pushing the gospel of music and creativity. However, we feel his beard needs some trimming.

Joseph wambua jemedariProphet Dr Owuor

Image result for john allan namu kenya beard

Nuff said.

Any other celebs you think are in need of a beard maintenance? Share your thoughts below. If not, they can join us on the 29th at Kenyatta University and #Nyoakipro na Gillete!