pamojaBeing a valentine weekend, love is in the air, well for the air that couples breath that is. If you are single, this weekend is same to any other. Now relationships are the epitome of valentines, even in University. Usually, it doesn’t matter how you met but how you last but there are generally two ways in which relationships start up, and yes don’t try putting in your own, only this two exist.

There is familiarity and attraction, basically attraction is love at first sight, otherwise known as a flirtationship, as impossible as it can get while familiarity, is where he asks you to be his girlfriend after 7years of getting to know each other. The latter is almost as impossible as the former because honestly, 7years of knowing each other you should have a bouncing baby boy on the way if at all you’ll end up being married.

It’s valentine so yes, and all of you out there are all lovey dovey but it would help to give you a sense of your relationship status quo.

Lets start with familiarity, this is what we see each and every day spreading to eternity only seeing on face on the next pillow each day when you wake up without a sigh as the first thing that come out of your mouth and your spouse not minding the morning breath when you spring to say good morning, but then if your in an attraction, either, you will somehow end up with a different face on the pillow at least twice a month on the pillow or wake up to a sigh rather than a yawn.

An attraction, you will and this is without exceptions, will be too busy trying to prove your worth to her and try to prove yourself to her and to the world that you deserve her, the exception comes in when your in a familiarity, you will really never mind what she thinks about you when you pull a crazy stunt or when your totally broke during valentines.

This goes to many university couples, if you met your spouse through Mr and Miss University, lets get real, you are in that relationship because people want to see you pull it off, your in an attraction. You saw her walk down the run way and you decided you want to be seen with her, that’s an attraction and the difference comes in when you saw him get bullied in school and you helped him walk home or when she spilled water from the drinking fountain on her Sunday best dress and helped her cover it up and grow a friendship instead of a relationship then at the end of it all end up in a happily ever after then your in a familiarity.

At the end of the day if you are in a familiarity, you don’t care what people say or if your seen together but if your in an attraction you walk together because you make each other look achieved to be in seen with either of you.

Its valentines so no matter where you fall, enjoy it while it lasts! Happy valentines people don’t buy anything I wouldn’t! Cheers.