Varcity Piknik beyond inception

Varcity Piknik is a celebration of music, art, food and fashion. Varcity Piknik connects the youth across all universities. The event engages upcoming artists who are given platforms to showcase their artistry since its inception on 7th April 2018.

The first piknik event that started at Othaya Road gate 25 gave a new vibe for the lovers of live music . The idea behind the piknik event was birthed after realizing new upcoming artists get it rough to be known in the music industry.

With the struggle of joining the music world, the piknik has managed to ensure the rough times are out done with since artists who have began their journey at piknik have managed to cross the limits of promoting their songs easily.

The event has never been a money oriented activity. Its aim from inception up to now is to bring forth the young sensational acts into realization of their dreams . They have an audience that is ready to listen to their songs and subscribe to their vibe.


Not only do they incorporate upcoming artists in the events but also a group of poets, DJs among other talents that are being birthed out day in, day out. The piknik event has managed to promote a  variety of artist who had no name and through the piknik their brand grew.

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Since its inception the event has not only upgraded the musical sensational artists in the industry but also ensured the audiences that throng the event find a taste of their music. Through its various editions from edition 1 and now moving to the 10th edition, the event has become a top in town.

With the tone of live band music, the event has grown a notch higher as many of its audiences are captivated by the variety of activities brought forth.


Varcity Piknik collaborates with other sponsors in the market to ensure the event becomes successful. The sponsors that come through the event include Coca Cola, EABL and Infinix among other potential sponsors in the market.

Apart from music, Varcity Piknik also unveils various games that keep their audience well entertained. Some of the games incorporated include: Poker, Balloon Splash, and PlayStation among others.

Varcity Piknik Audience

Varcity Piknik targets the youth across the country especially those in universities’ and other centers of higher learning aged between 18-26 yrs. It has received enormous reception among students who attend various editions unveiled.

Varcity Piknik has online followers who upkeep to their day-to-day activities. The followers have subscribed to different social media platforms from Face Book zeroing down to their Varcity Website and Instagram.


The event has grown since the idea of showcasing the new talents to the world of music. On 19th October, edition 10 will be underway at P & L gardens, Kanjata Road.






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