Have you ever wondered how you’re graded in your university? What criteria do they use to grade your marks? Then you’re in the right place. Different universities have different grading systems postgraduate and undergraduate grading.

Check how different universities grade exams, assignments etc.

University of Nairobi

At the end of the semester, each student has to sit for an assessment exam that will determine grades in different units. In the University Of Nairobi, the exams are 70% and coursework is 30% and then the grade will be determined from that. This is because every course is graded out of 100%. The mean grade of each student is to score 40% in a unit.

The exam grading system is as follows:

70 and above – A 

60 to 69 – B 

50 to 59 – C 

40 to 49 – D 

00 to 39 – E 

The exam grading system is different from the graduation grading system. The graduation grading system is as follows

First Class Honors – 70 and above 

Second Class Honors (upper division) – 60 to 69 

Second Class Honors (lower division) – 50 to 59 

Pass – 40 to 49 


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Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

Every unit has an exam at the end of the semester. The mean grade of each unit is 40%. The main exam consist of 70%, practices/lab assignments/class projects 15%, 5% assignments and 10% tests.

The exam grading system consists of the following

70% and above – A 

60% and below 70% – B 

50% and below 60% – C 

Below 50% – F (Fail) 

The graduation grading system is:

70% and above – First Class Honors 

60% to 69% – Second Class Honors (Upper Division) 

50% to 59% – Second Class Honors (Lower Division) 

40% t0 49% – Pass Below 40% – Fail 

Moi University

All of the students who miss more than 20% of the lecture cannot be allowed to take an exam. The grading system is similar to the University of Nairobi for all courses. For masters and Ph.D. the following system is used:

72 and above – A – Distinction 

65 to 74 – B – Credit 

50 to 64 – C – Pass 

Below 50 – D – Fail 


Kenyatta University

At the end of the semester, each student sits for an exam, it is important to have finished all the assignment so to boost your final grade. Mandatory class attendance is not a must as long as you’re not doing any engineering or medical course. The exam covers 70% while coursework covers 30%.

The grading system is as follows:

75 and above – A 

65 to 74 – B 

50 to 64 – C 

49 and below – E 

The graduation grading system is graded similarly to that of the University Of Nairobi.