Veronica Masinza, to her friends and fans she is Vee Musique. A journalist by profession and a musician. She participated in the Airtel Trace Music Star Competition.

When did you start and why music?

When i do music i feel a sense of satisfaction inside, a part from it being a God given talent. I feel through it I can pass messages easily to the target audience of my choice. started a while back in Secondary school but took it up seriously in 2014 when through the help of A friend called Keith Atito I joined a music school here in town to perfect what I potentially had.


How many musical instruments can you play?

In the process of learning the Keyboard…not yet where I want to be but it’s coming along. Two months in class.

Which famous musician have you learned from?

Learned from Both secular and gospel. Beyonces confidence and prowess on stage is something I admire. In the gospel world Rebecaa Malope swings me to Heaven and back.

Do you dance?

Yes I dance.


How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

Apparently I’m the only one who will know that what has happened is a mistake and say my manager and instrumentalists. The audience most of the time have no clue of any flaw on stage unless it’s massive like a fall…haha. So when you do a mistake say like forgetting my lyrics I act natural…like nothing happened. And either work my way out to the next verse or from the top!

How do you balance your music with other obligations?

I have a timetable…diary. It guides me. I have specific days set aside for music and nothing but music. And everything else too has its time. So this helps me not to deprive any activity of mine.

Is music in line with what you studied?

No, it’s not. I studied Journalism and Media studies, Broadcast option at the University of Nairobi. I’m currently giving more time to my music and not journalism. Though I’ve practiced it for 3years as continuity, I am a presenter in one of the legendary radio stations in Kenya.


What challenges your music growth?

Challenges to my music growth are the instrumentalists. Finding a committed group of people to form a band with is a great setback for me. More reason why I’m learning keys so I can still perform and satisfy my fans regardless.

Your music achievements?

So far three singles are out…yet to be released but that’s in progress. Been a contracted Musician a women organization in town for two years now and I sing in different occasions like weddings …conferences…etc. and to me that’s an achievement cause not just anybody is invited to sing especially before the first lady of this nation.

How was the Airtel Trace Music Star competition?

I participated in the Airtel Trace Music star competition of this year…gave my best but didn’t go through.


What I loved most was the excitement and the pressure when it came advertising my brand ” Vee Musique” The heat of it all was exciting to me. It made me work harder and harder but of course the top five were chosen at the end of the day. Was happy for them and I was left with an experience that I’ll work on next time should I want to get into a competition.

Social media handles: FB, IG and Twitter: VeeMusique