Varcity Piknik IX is currently inviting Fashion and Style vendors to be an expo extravaganza 2019.

Varcity Piknik IX, on 10 August 2019, is a Nu- Nairobian Live Band celebration that is held each other month, currently at the P&L LUXE GARDENS.

The Varcity Piknik IX will be a celebration of African music, food, art and fashion brought to you in the form of a concert and open boutique market.

Adriotly dubbed “expo extravaganza,” Varcity Piknik IX  is a great reflection of Kenya’s
brilliant and diverse local talent, whilst also attracting leading artists from all over the green city under the sun through music, fashion, food, and arts.

How to Submit to Vend at Varcity PikNik 9

Submission deadline: 5 PM, Friday 20 July 2019

Applications should be submitted digitally to Alexander James at [email protected]

Please attach evidence of your products as their pictures against a white background that you will readily avail said items for showcase and sale on the day of the event.

Varcity Online Shop

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During the Varcity PikNik 9 we will also be launching the first ever campus hustle site. We will give a chance to small businesses and start-ups the chance to use the Varcity Platform.

Send your business name, items descriptions, and images to [email protected] and we will contact you.

Stay tuned!!