It turns out that the all drama between Vera Sidika and Otile Brown was all but somehow ‘scripted’. In other words there was never a relationship between the two. They faked it just to further their careers.

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Vera and Otile Both Running To Diamond’s Producer for a Hit?

According to Tanzania’s Dizzim, Otile’s brown revealed that the singer wrote his own diss Song which was perfomed by Vera after their alleged break up;

Otile went as far to provide the former video vixen with a model for the song, his Tanzanian friend, Calisah. Otile and Calisa are said to be close friends and he was well paid to model in the video as he was the right person to help gain Tanzanians attention to the song.

Vera and Otile are however said to be no longer friends after Vera exposed him for having a small cassava so it turns out that the two may indeed been banging as friends.