Vera Sidika is currently a happy woman and not because her bae Otile surprised her with a new gift or something related but rather because she tends to think karma has revenged on one of her ex who clearly did something wrong to her.

Vera took to her Instagram stories to talk about how someone from Dubai had called her to tell her that one of her exes had been arrested last week.

“Someone called me yesterday to tell me that an Ex that once wronged me got arrested last week. So karma does exist, what goes around definitely comes around”,

she posted before she went ahead to state spending nights in the UAE isn’t cute and she could only imagine.

Vera never mentioned which of her exes but it could have been but it has be her Nigerian ex who assaulted mid last year. The man who not much about him is know is said to have beaten her up and tried to confiscate her phone so she couldn’t record him.

She didn’t didn’t disclose why he might have been arrested.