It seems like celebrity couple Vera and Otile Brown have decided to call it quits. Trouble begun when Vera first deleted all of Otile’s pictures from her social media pages and unfollowed him on Instagram.

With the rumors about the couple’s break up already starting to build up, Otile Brown decided to return the favor by deleting all of her pictures on his Instagram and unfollowing her as well on Saturday fueling the rumors some more. He then shared a caption on his instastories saying “Such is life” followed by a sad emoji.

However, none of them has come out to either deny or confirm the rumors officially. The couple did have issues at the start of their relationship but they didn’t last long as they quickly sorted their issues and came back stronger than before.

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With the couple having pulled the same stunt that one time they seemed to have issues, we can’t really tell if things are over for good or they might decide to give things a try again.

The couple was recently on a vacation in Mauritius and of course people couldn’t lack jokes with some suggesting she probably had Otile spend all his money on her only to throw him out just days before end month.