Socialite Vera Sidika has been living the life in the Maldives where she is enjoying her birthday holiday.

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She has recently come out guns ablazing trying to prove that she pays for her own holidays.

This all started when there were claims saying that her birthday trip to the Maldives was paid for. The lady alleged that Vera was on her trip with the Vice President of Equatorial Guinea.


Not to be mistaken, Vera Sidika quickly addressed the rumors. She posted various snaps where she expressed her anger at the people for saying that he cannot pay for her own trips.

Vera was adamant to say that there are 1220 islands in the Maldives and just because one person is there doesn’t mean they are together.

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Vera then went on to show evidence of the conversation with her travel agent and her booking on;

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What do you think? Do you believe she is alone on her vacation? Tell us your thoughts below.