So for the last three days Vera and Otile Brown’s fans have been tryna figure out if their favorite couple was ever broken up or it was just another stunt.

The two who started dating earlier this year have been on and off and now even if they broke up for real we are not sure if we would really believe it because we are now used to them going crazy at each other online only to get back together days later.

The two had a nasty break up early last month that saw both of them accuse each other of different things like “people using each other” and presence and if we of course Otile’s latest song “Niacheni” had guys thinking the break up was caused by Vera aborting his baby.

However over the Weekend we were all surprised when Otile Suddenly went all lovey dovey again with her on social media as always and she even made a surprise stage appearance in his Dubai Show;

Otile has since been posting her all over his IG and commenting on her posts and she has been commenting on his posts as well a clear indication that the two may be back and stronger than before. Vera hasn’t posted anything about them getting together by the way.

Meanwhile their fans feel played and many asked them to quit playing games stop playing with their feelings as they look at them as “bae goals”. Many are happy the two are back together.