Vera Sidika has perfected the art of socialite business. After the truth seeker allegedly exposed her for charging clients 1.3m to taste her honeypot, she has turned the whole story around to the discussion of her bed of luxury….literary!!!

Vee posted a pic of her $11,500 bed (approx. 1m) on Instagram with a caption that stated “My girls still can’t get over the fact that I got this bed for 11,500$”

Check out the luxury bed below:

vera bed


Vera Sidika also went on to post a stunningly sexy picture of her in lingerie (above) with the post;

If you and your hommies are discussing what I do, what I wear, who I am F**CKin in your group chat; It’s no longer your group chat, it’s my fan club now. So Hi!
Lingerie Line


Well, we are just happy that all this scandal finally got her out of the silence. Welcome back girl!!