Victoria Kimani: Music Is My Focus

Victoria Kimani is no ordinary lady as she has risen to fame quite fast in Africa and beyond. Born and raised in the United States of America, she is quite a sultry diva who knows no boundaries when it comes to entertaining.
Her fashion sense and personality just bubble with great positive and colorful energy and her sweet nature captivates all around her. I had the opportunity to interview her and this is what she had to say about her love for life, music and people:

How is life so far as compared to when you first came to Kenya as a musician?

I have definitely learned a lot, seen a lot , traveled The World more, But not much has changed As far as my goals are concerned…


You seem to have a new fetish for Masai jewellery and attire. What inspired you to draw so close to the cultural cloth?

I wouldn’t call it a fetish and `I wouldn’t call it new, Kenyan girls grew up rocking Maasai accessories, its pretty normal I think. Everyone loves the colors and unique designs each piece has to offer, now were seeing other African artists rock the look, we grew up wearing….

You are still trending on Social Media with the Prokoto dance fever craze. What does it mean and what led you to write and do this collaboration with Diamond Platinumz and Ommy Dimpoz?

Prokoto is a word Diamond brought to us, apparently it means Swag in Congo, we made it a dance. Both Platinum & Ommy Dimpoz are talented artists, I wanted to work with them individually, but they hadn’t done a collabo to my knowledge before, so it was only right I bring them together on a track…..

Is your multi-colored hair your new signature look?

Its actually not new, I’ve been rocking coloured hair for years, I was raised as a very eccentric child, I think Ive done almost every color out there, from Blue to Green, to Purple, to Orange and everything in between…. I’m seeing a lot of Young girls in Africa experiment with the trend now, it makes me proud to know how I have influenced fashion  trends across the continent….


You seem to be traveling alot nowadays to various countries to do shows and MC at events.What is the one place you would say has been the most breathtaking holiday destination and why?

The most breathtaking holiday destination by far is Diani beach,Mombasa, I stayed at a resort there and was blown away.

From your outstanding outfits to stage performances, how do you handle over zealous fans especially men?

I haven’t had any crazy experiences with that Thank God.


On an international scale, is there any particular artist(male or female) whom you would like to collaborate with especially from Jamaica?

Would love to work with Kanye West, I recently worked with Cecile from Jamaica, that was a goal of mine early on, glad that its come to pass, the song is called “Go Easy” featuring Kenny Wonder, Cecile and Myself…… Would be great to work with Mavado as well.

 After the release and success of your mixtape ‘Queen Victoria’, should we see an album in the works soon?

Yes my Album ” SAFARI” will be out sooner than you think.


When it comes to acting,we’ve seen you in Lynxx video featuring Banky W, Chairman by.M.I. to having your own television series ‘Rise of A Queen’, plus you are starring in an upcoming Nigerian movie. Should we expect more of Victoria Kimani on the silver screen?

Its possible, but Music is my focus.

What has made you the fastest rising female star in Africa particularly in Kenya.How does that make you feel as a person?

Im not sure its been a fast rise, I think that my affiliation and partnerships with Nigeria just made Kenyans take notice , Ive been on this grind for over 14 years…  I still feel like I’m on that same grind.

How do you manage to stay so humble and principled in a male dominated industry?

I’m always working, that’s all I know….just keep working and stay focused.


What keeps your skin looking so radiant, bodacious and having a well-toned body that most women would do anything to get?

Hehe. Thank you! I try to eat healthy and work out, this reflects on the skin & obviously on the body,  and its great for the mind…. keeps a nice balance. Rest is important as well.

#VideoAlert Victoria Kimani, Vanessa Mdee, Yemi Alade and Others Stand Up For Women (VIDEO)

How do you manage to balance your hectic schedule as an artist with your personal/family life?

Its very hard, I’m not the best at this, I try to communicate as much as possible, my work literally consumes me, its quite sad actually.

You seem to have an eye for detail. What three words best describe your personality?

Spontaneous, Hard working & Funny.

What is your opinion about this new breed of socialites who’ve invaded
Nairobi lately?

I don’t mind socialites, as long as they’re not selling their bodies for money, that’s prostitution, and I don’t support that. But I have seen many popular girls turn their popularity into business, I think that’s great and inspiring for your girl next door.

What what was it like visiting the White House sometime back?

It was great, So much History there!


Are you involved in any charity campaigns?

My parents have an orphanage with 15 children, my goal is to expand that and carry my Parents legacy forward.

Any last words to your Kenyan fans?

Thank you all for your continued love & support, I will keep making you proud! Also, when my album “SAFARI” drops…. lets make it trend! Lets be ONE people again and show a very doubtful Africa & the World that we are Amazing & supportive of our own. Lets stunt on everybody!  I Love You & Thank you! xoxo

That’s it from Victoria Kimani! Any other questions you feel you would like to know the answers from the songstress? Tell us below.

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