Chocolate City is proud to present the highly anticipated Safari album by Africa’s top music diva, Victoria Kimani.

Victoria unveiled the album, Safari in Nairobi on December 4 at the Tribe hotel at an exclusive listening party.

The Kenyan star said during the listening party, that she wanted to “make more of an attempt to explain myself and my music and let you know what Victoria Kimani is all about. I think that, it is only fair because as much as you are my people, how can you truly support an artiste you do not know too much about?”

Victoria then took the audience at the listening party through a journey of her music. From her love for Nina Simone’s unwavering spirit to Brenda Fassie’s unrepentant and bold persona for the ‘outrageous’.

Victoria took her audience through a Safari of nostalgia and euphoria of growing up around music and events that inspire her songwriting.

It is a totally new side of me, it is my RnB side. My background is in song writing I used to write pop songs and RnB songs for the artistes in the States and the UK. I grew tired of giving my songs away, man, like I don’t want just to be behind the scenes. I want to be the person singing my own songs. I feel like, I’m that type of artiste,”

Victoria said introducing her steamy hot single with Ghanaian super star Sarkodie dubbed Giving You.

The ‘Safari’ album shows off Victoria Kimani’s versatility and definitely takes the lead as Africa’s most internationally acclaimed album with quite a few international features and production credits going to top music producers all around the world.

L-R, Anto Neosoul, Victoria Kimani, Bamboo
L-R, Brandone (KIS), Barlin (BBM), Victoria Kimani, Axle (AKM) A-rlin
L-R, Qritiqal, King Kaka, Victoria Kimani, Kimya
L-R, Redsan, Victoria Kimani

The ‘Safari’ album is now available worldwide on iTunes, Mziiki, Apple Music, MTN Music Plus, Deezer, Boom Player and a load of others.

With ‘Safari’ Victoria Kimani is definitely playing her part in taking African music worldwide.

Watch her latest video with Sarkodie below;