Beyonce has done yet again. Another song another hit… For all the guys who love derrieres I have a feeling you’ll enjoy this video because she barely has pants on. However, her music seems to be evolving to a less icey untouchable form. The video is simple compilation of cameraphone snippets. One shows her using a blow dry to make her hair rise as if on a photo shoot,another of her twerking in shorts and then somersaulting only to fall over attempting to use one leg as a skipping rope. The demeanour she displays makes her more human and likeable which makes her still stand out as the biggest pop star.

It’s right there in the song’s closing refrain: “Man, cos I’m so fresh / Fresher than you.” She’s not talking to her fans, but puffing out her chest to other pop stars (just as, I’d argue, Flawless’s line “bow down bitches” is about her competition in the music business, not other women in general). She’s blown everyone else out of the water, again, and made it look easy. Her message is clear: you want to spend millions of dollars on a high-concept music video? Go ahead. Here’s something I knocked out in an afternoon, on the spot, in my pants. It’s not an ego at all… more of a really tall self esteem level.

Enjoy the video.. 😀