Mayonde has been one of my favorites since ‘ISUKTI LOVE’ and of course with that face and voice how could she miss in my playlist. Mayonde Masya has released another song that I can’t help but share with you. ‘Angels’ is a great song that honors and shows the appreciation of the lives lived by those we’ve lost to death. It’s lyrics are deep and speak of feelings we can all identify with. I know you think given it’s those lyrics it’s bound to be slow and boring enough to put you to bed. That’s where you’re wrong.
Angels has quite the fun feel. It has beats, rhythm…it’s a song you’d listen to and not feel so bad she/he is gone. It’s a song that you could dance to. Yes, not the Afro beats kind but more inclined to Afro pop. Her angelic voice makes it a song worth your time. Maybe I’m just saying that cause I’m struggling to create space on my playlist for it.
The video matches the wonderful song. The video features an all white party of beautiful people. It’s simple but the aspect of all white and glasses of white wine does the trick. It captivates and the genuine joy shown by the people in the video is simply beautiful. You can’t find any reason to hate on this song or even its video. She sure knows how to pick a video for such a song. It was as heavenly as the angels themselves.
This a Belle that has a bright future in the music industry. Watch this video, tell me if I’m wrong.

What do you think of the vide? Let us know below.