We all know him, the ‘Caro’ hit a sensational singer and he has even been to Kenya. This guy cannot do wrong in many people’s eyes, however his new song has gathered much disappointment from the public. “Ojuelegba” is the 5th track off Wizkid’s “Ayo” album and was inspired by his experiences and sojourn in and around this part of Lagos, Nigeria (Ojuelegba). It was directed by Clarence Peters and produced by Legendury Beatz.

The Ojuelegba video ends at the 1:25 mins mark. The moment shooting leaves the street, the video goes into a downward spiral in quality to a dark room with scenes that lack inspiration, or if inspired, are executed wrongly.

According to Pulse Nigeria, Wizkid’s head is at a place where he lacks the hunger to keep firing on. He has become complacent, and it is beginning to show and Ojuelegba video is just the latest manifestation of that nonchanlance.

Do you agree? Have a look at the video below.