Avril has released another hit recently and with the famous King Kaka. This combo excited me but after listening to the song I couldn’t hide my disappointment. ‘Ninaweza’ as compared to Hello Baby and Chokoza is a bit boring. Most of Avril’s song make you want to move to the rhythm. This just doesn’t cut for as entertaining. The lyrics were a bit shallow despite the encouraging words. It’s a song you can listen to when you’re feeling like the struggles are too hard and you are discouraged.

The video is also too simple for the blonde. It just has Avril and King Kaka at the studio and even on the streets of Nairobi. The only creativity I felt watching it was the takes with a graffiti wall background. Though I must say the look great all through it. She didn’t forget look as classy and elegant as always. It’s a fairly good video for this kind of encouraging song.

King Kaka as always rapped great. He did him and brought the feel into the song strong. I couldn’t help notice that he mentioned how his lovely daughters encourage him in life. Such a proud father, isn’t he? Happy belated Father’s Day, Kaka. Keep rapping. Here is the video;

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