Instagram launched a new stand-alone app that will also allow Instagram users to share and watch 60min (1hour) long video clips within the initial Instagram app.

In a move that looks like a tactic to overthrow YouTube the way the Facebook owned app overthrew snap chat, the app dubbed IGTV will accommodate ‘creators’ like King Bach, King Vader and locally we could say the Henry Desagus and the @Xtianndela’s.

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Even better, users will be able to share videos with their friends directly and just like your normal TV, IGTV will be playing as soon as one opens the app. Users won’t have to search for content like it goes with YouTube as content from people one follows and likes will automatically play.

Videos on the app will also play full screen and vertical as it is built to be used the normal way a phone is usually used.

Learn more from the video below:

The app is expected to be out in the next few weeks globally on Android and iOS.