Kenya’s next general elections are next year, 2017, and if you have just turned 18, it is your time to vote and be heard.

Do not be left behind next year as others queue, hopefully not for too long this time, to go and vote for leaders who they think are fit to run the country.

It’s your constitutional right to be registered as a voter. All you need is to present some form of identification to IEBC’s registration officials.

What do you need?

You are eligible to register as voter if you are:

  • A Kenyan citizen
  • Aged 18 years and above
  • Have a national ID or a Passport

The IEBC registration centers across all 290 constituencies offices. These registration centers become polling centers during elections. You will also get to update your information or transfer polling stations. Their target is to register 8 million new voters by next year’s general elections.

Your rights as a voter

A voter has the responsibility and obligation to:

  • Report election offences as soon as possible to Designated IEBC Security Officers desks, Designated Peace Committees or the nearest Police Station
  • Conduct campaigns in a peaceful manner and to ALWAYS adhere to the laws, rules and regulations guiding elections in Kenya
  • Participate in the election by coming out to vote

Continuous voter registration is going on till 15th March 2016.

Only those who were not registered in the run up to the General Elections in 2013 will be registered.

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