Kenyans are always innovative in making life easier. There have been countless applications that have come up to ease how things are done in life. We have applications such as Ma3route and many others that have come in order to make life bit bearable in Kenya.

The elections are coming up in a couple of months and innovative Kenyans have already found a way to chip in and create an app that gives necessary information on the polls. This app that has been named “AMUA” brings with it information on your nearest polling stations. It also gives you the names of the aspirants vying for seats in different political areas.

The App also provides more information on mock elections and enables you to get the results in real time. It is not a replacement for the actual elections in August but can be considered in the near future. Kenyans sometimes fail to vote because of fear of standing in long ques and having to endure the sun just to vote.

The AMUA application is already on google play store and has already started receiving downloads. Google store describes it as a Kenya’s first elections mock application which allows a user to vote for their preferred candidate across a variety of electoral areas and get real time results.

The application has received great reviews from twitter trending with the hashtag #Amua2017. For android users the application is available on Google Playstore. The video on how to use the application can be found by clicking on this link

There have already been more than 50 installs so far on Google Play store.