Wahu has come of age in this budding music industry and there is no stopping her.From winning a Mama Award to performing at top corporate functions,she has really stamped her foot as a veteran. I had a quick chat with her to know what makes her stay relevant as an artist and be a successful business entrepreneur and this is what she had to say:

Before you entered music, you had a 9 to 5 job. Tell us more about that.

Yes I was head of features in the the now MEDIA MAX between 2006 and 2008.I also worked at Kameme FM until music called me and I never looked back. Even if I studied pure maths I never applied it anywhere in my life.

Wahu and hubby Nameless

How did your parents react when you told them you wanted to do music?

They were not thrilled.We did not share the same line of thought as much as they wanted the best for me.They eventually understood and fully supported me after understanding what I was doing.

How has motherhood changed your perspective on life?

Its different when guiding another human being to be what they want to be.You become alot more aware and conscious that little eyes are watching.Up your game as I want them to grow up to be responsible.


Which other businesses do you run when not performing or recording in the studio?

I run a salon and a production house with my husband. Business is good.

Wahu rocking the stage at kingfisher relaunch party
Wahu rocking the stage at kingfisher relaunch party

You’ve been doing many corporate shows lately.How has it boosted your career?

Its working for me.

Should we be expecting an album from you soon?

Soon is relative. Its in the pipeline.

Whats your opinion about female musicians in Kenya?

We have alot more female musicians coming out,the kind of music is like RnB and Hiphop. Its good growth.

Whats your secret to looking this good?

I workout alot, watch what I eat and drink alot of water.


How did you end up working with Cindy on the Song ‘Yeye’ and where did you find the hot guy?

Cindy is and has been a good friend of mine for a long time. People told us we look alike and so based on our musical friendship we decided to do a song together. As for the hot guy in the video, it was a great search which wasn’t easy especially when it came to physique. J Blessing(the video director) and my husband were looking for him and almost changed the nature of the script. We were then told about the Trojan Gym in Karen and when we saw the guy we settled for him.

Wahu and Cindy New Flirty Track ‘Yeye’


Is Kenyan music taking the right direction or where are we going wrong?

Growth is never a smooth curve. Its not perfect where you go. Learn and get better.People are not giving up. We have to count our steps of growth. So many people are living off their music. Videographers,scriptwriters,fashion etc.Structuring and so on is good. Yes we are in the right direction.

How do you manage to maintain your humility and staying grounded after being in the music industry for many years?

I don’t do it for fame or money. I’m passionate about it. There are always ways I can improve. I have higher heights to get to. I’m able to separate it from persona and business perspective. I’m able to differentiate. Just be you. Separate the music aspect from personal.


What advice can you give to young mums and female musicians out there?

For young mothers-Don’t doubt yourself. You have yourself to parent your child. You have the sixth sense-listen to it. You will know. All babies are blessings. Your role in life is to bring up the child in the best way you can in whatever field. As for female musicians,be firm about your stand, don’t give up everything.

Any last words?

Everybody has a destiny. Don’t live life for the sake of living,live it to fulfill your destiny. Anything creative is very liquid. The Kenyan government needs to support musicians to protect our music with obligations from consumers to choose what musical content they want.