A few days ago, many people did focus on Nairobi as the heat was overwhelming. Not only did Sonko and Passaris clash in public, pictures and phone recordings were also shared to the public.

Esther Passaris came to deny all allegations. A recent attack has now landed on Wajir Women Representative, whose reputation has been put to test for quite sometime. She was once accused of bribery and a leaked sex tape.

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Just a few minutes ago, the women rep has exclaimed of how the member of parliament attacked her. Netizens have expressed their views on the matter and are demanding the arrest of Hon. Rashid.

Imagine she has been landed with slaps at the parliament’s lobby just because of money allocated to the constituency. As drama keeps rolling on a daily basis, women rights seems to be undermined.

Ironically, when Hon. Aisha Jumwa decided to embarrass Mr. Sifuna in a public occasion, women didn’t come out strongly to condemn an act that was also extreme. Leaders are chosen to work for their people but it has turned out,work is really not the end goal.