Wangechi Waweru: Femcee

Femcee-WangechiHer musical journey started when she first heard a song by Necessary Noize. Contrary to those cliché answers that one was born while singing, it took a while for Wangechi to realize that she has a musical talent. Don’t get it twisted, we do not mean tha she was a late bloomer in music. She was doing her bathroom performances at an early age of 5, we all do these one it wanders every morning but they only stay there. This mami took her talent seriously and wrote a couple of songs when she grew up and even went ahead to record a couple.

Her first single as Legacy (her former stage name), ‘Act like you notice’ was good jam just that peeps did not notice it as much as she had hoped. This did not discourage her and she pushed on and started working with Provoke.  She has so far recorded about 20songs and has released 11, quiet impressive. Well, what do you expect when your musical role models started out as Necessary Noize? The duo made  huge tracks after another and remained relevant for the longest time. Wangechi is aiming for the same and even better. She wants to be the definition of hip hop in KENYA.

According t her hip hop in Kenya is making its way back into the radio stations, she refers to the days of K South and Kalamashaka. These guys only opened the doors for the rest of the artists, now it’s for them to take up the challenge and make hip hop the biggest genre in the Kenyan music scene. Soon they’ll be more hi hop acts representing the country nationally and internationally. Hiphop  is growing at a fast rate.

FEMALE MC’s? Wangechi is one of the up and coming female Mc’s who has the attention of many as her budding talent is set to explode and take over. On a scale of 10, she places all the current female Mc’s as a 6. She says that they still have so much to prove and so much work to put in to cement themselves in a male dominated genre and industry a large.

FASHION- She loves her tom boy nature and short hair. You will always find her in trousers ad all things boy-ish, but this does not mean a girly Wangechi does not exist, check her out in the polka dot dress. Any guy who woulkd not hit on that has a very huge problem, this mami is bursting. However catch her dead wearing those headbands that every chille in town has on. What’s the deal with those things, we already have Rambo,Tarzan and our very own Makmende, please leave those things to them, at least they looked good. She does not understand what trend that is.

WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? We asked who she can compare herself to in the international scene. Nicky Minaj, Lil Kim or Eve in terms or free styling, rhyming and rappin. Well none of the above, she is more like Lauren Hill in rapping style and Missy Elliot in hype and delivery.  She still respects Nazizi but the love of her music is not the same, Wangechi feels like Naz has lost a lil bit of her game.

BOYS- She is currently single and loving it. However she has a huge crush on  Thee MC Africa formerly known as Tai Tripper. He did not know at first and it was kinda interesting but know that it is all in the open, dude has been friend zoned. ‘A moment of silence for the brother’. Internationally she would so date Chris Brown in a heart beat.

Music and School – Former member of the Precious Blood school choir, now a student at Strathmore University taking Financal Economics, says that juggling school and music is a lot of work and at times it gets very involving. She is expected to record on a regular and also be in the library catching up with the books. She enjoys every bit of it though.

She is inspired buy Tripper of course *wink and Rabbit who is her mentor as well. Internationally, she loves what Wale, Kendrick and J Cole are doing.

Future Collabo –  Make sure you watch out for her single with Sage, Jay A and Bill ‘Blinky’ Sellanga  from Just A Band.

By Snyder Lukalia

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