Just thought of some silly stuff I do to get a guy to notice me and I’m sure most of y’all have done it too. So guys, in case you spot any of these, jua anakutaka:

1. Sucking in Your Tummy.

Girls, how many of you will say you have not done this? Even subconsciously? You are walking down the street with your friends and you see this very cute guy with his peeps and all of a sudden, you suck in your tummy, push your chest out…..and catwalk.

Don’t lie, we’ve all do it.

2. Asking for silly favours on a regular basis.

“Um, can you help me with your pen?”

You have about three pens in your purse and might not even need it in the class, but just to get his attention, out of all your friends around you, you tap him gently and in the sweetest voice possible ask for his pen. Not just pen. You ask for salt, help with the light bulb, his book…..even broom!

3. Going against his opinions in an open conversation.

Even I am guilty of this. In an open conversation in class or group hangout, he says something and you immediately go against it vehemently. You want him say you get your own opinions….in other words, independent and we all know guys love Independent women, don’t we?

4. Hateful attitude.

He sits beside you and you frown your face. You pass him and his friends and say hi to them all except him. You create the illusion that you don’t like him…while you wither all up inside when u hear his voice. Yup, she is into you!!

5. Class yourself up

You immediately switch to phonetics whenever he is around. You talk through your nose, forming oral English teacher just to create the impression that you are classy. Most times, it all turns up fake and funny as it would seem u are talking through your nose. “Puh-lease car-n yuh jas be yarrr-self?”.

6. Bumping into him.

Classic move, never goes wrong. You see this cute yummy-looking guy walking your way, you ‘accidentally’ bump into him and fall. “Oh! Am sorry dear. Are you okay?”. In the sweetest voice and brightest smile, “Yeah, thanks….”. According to movies, that always leaves a lasting impression.

So if you notice a girl you know who does one or more of these, she definitely is into you. Do you agree with it? Comment below.

By @cynthiatuts