Dating is so messed up these days that everything we get into tends to spoil the mood. People are unbearable these days, both ladies and guys alike. Today we focus on the guys you should not date, since we have been fighting for the girl child since the week started. Never date the following guys.

  1. Light skin Guys

I’m not hating or being ‘racist’ but these guys are messed up. They are models so to say. They spend more time in front of the mirror than their girls. And they have these weird hairstyles that always sweep any lady of her feet. Light skin guys are not datable in the least way possible. Just block them next time they land into your DMs because they are trouble.

2. Mama’s Boy

This guys are always emotional and will bring up their mum in everything that happens between you too. He might bring his mum on your first date just because he wants to know what she thinks about you. All decisions are made involving their mother. Don’t date them, they are just big babies.

3. Party Boys

They are a catch I agree but they are going to mess up your life beautiful girl. These go to every event and are always in the limelight. They drink too much and never get time for anyone else. They are those guys that know every night club in town, every waiter at Galileos knows them. You want a good boyfriend, so avoid these guys like crossing Thika Super Highway.

4. Boys From The Hood

The Ghetto is attractive and I know every girl would die to have a hardcore as their boyfriend but not these guys. They always have a clique and dating them means you will become one of the boys. He will start calling you dude a lot. That doesn’t taste good does it? And Ghetto guys are extra violent, and you don’t want tears running down your Make up do you?

5. Short Guys

Short guys. Where do I even start this? Most short guys have a low self esteem. This is because they are physically challenged and cannot give you those cute head kisses you watch in movies. They are bitter, and I read on some blog that this is because their hearts are near their butts! They are irritated by anything and everything, but they keep so much to themselves and that’s why they are always adding weight! If you date them, you might lose you knees because they are not tall enough to strangle you!