Golden State Warriors were at their best last night as they had it easy against Cleveland Cavaliers. Cleveland who had had less days of rest after their last win over Celtics before the finals were completely overwhelmed by a side that was flying high. The Warriors being led by Kevin Durant and the ever surprising Steph Curry tore apart a tired side led by LeBron James.

The game started off with the Golden State Warriors showing dominance from the first minute. The only threat was LeBron James and the Warriors did their best to contain the legendary player. Their star players Steph Curry and Kevin Durant were on the spotlight and they delivered when it mattered most.

Warriors have only been a shadow of themselves this season struggling to be competitive and sometimes performing dismally. Last night however was a change for them as their two M.V.Ps put on a show to score a combined 66 points of the night. They let LeBron roam free and he did not disappoint scoring 28 points for Cleveland but still falling behind the amazing Warriors.

Durant scored 38 points which was the highest for a player on the night. The Oracle Arena loved the swag brought on by Steph Curry who had been missed due to his poor performances of late. The final score was 113-91 for the Warriors and Cleveland respectively. Their second game will be on Sunday at the same venu