I finally listened to Ed Sheeran’s trap queen cover, song originally done by Fetty Wap.  Its caused a lot of uproar from his loyal fans and admiration from others. They view this as very unusual from the Lego house singer to do a cover of this sort of music.

One of his die hard fans from UoN lamented,

Number one I’m not being a racist but Ed Sheeran is way too ginger to sing trap queen, I just wouldn’t feel sexy coming from him. I bet it was a dare from his friends or he just wanted to spread his wings.

He loves hip-hop judging from his previous song I see Cali featuring notorious BIG which got over 35000 views , it wouldn’t be a shocker if he we heard a major hip hop hit from him coming 2016, I bet it’ll sound heavenly if he featured Kanye or Rihanna what do you think of Ed Sheeran transitioning to hip-hop? You be the judge.

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