Genre: Hip Hop/Pop

Song:  No More

Artist: Boutross x Dope I mean

“All you do is work,

All you do is work girl… you ain’t gotta work no more”

These are the starting lyrics to this new age Shrap music video featuring Elani’s Brian Chweya’s girlfriend. With a hippy, slow vibe the tone slowly rises to a faster rhyme, bringing in that new school shrap effect, and honestly better than most of these new local hip hop rap music where genre is lost in trying to figure out whether it is Genge, Kapuka or actually hip hop.

The beat is something you’d think came out of Future’s record label and the flow out of a G.o.o.d Music direction, that should speak a bunch to any hip hop fan out there.

The bad boy-good girl effect is felt all over the video as Brian’s girl sets fire on the kitchen-counter, cooking in only a tiny hot pant thingy and a tee. She cooks and serves in a the most innocently sexy way I believe she knows how to.

“Ballin….ballin’   that’s all you gon get

Tell mama I don’t know where you don’t know where

I put in work with that Luis you wear… Ooh yeah, Ooh yeah…”

Get it all up on NZT

I aint stopping until I’m all MVP

And VIP”

Mad lyrical work.

Though a critical analysis might call foul for a slight lack of originality in the local content, it’s my guess everything borrows from everything. Plus the visuals focus more on just the dudes rather than anything else.

Dope track all the same.

Rating. 6/10

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