Eric Omondi, one of Kenya’s most popular comedians, has been in the spotlight for his amazing talent of tickling Kenyans. Of late, Eric has been caught up in story that he has affairs with socialites.He has denied all of this and just clarified they’re all just his friends.

This popular little guy has proved that there’s more to him than comedy. He has just released the video of his song ‘Rafiki Pesa’. The teaser has been circulating long enough I think Kenyans are ready for the real deal. The song has incorporated Diamond’s tune for ‘Number One’ and might just as well outdo it. In the video, there are beautiful, sexy ladies enjoying the beat with other comedians like David the Student. The choreography is well organised and fun to watch. Who knew Eric could dance so well?

The song is very enjoyable and is about how money is a great friend. It highlights all that money can do for someone : Build him a good house, buy him the best car at DT Dobie…among others. The chorus is just the same as in the original ‘Number One’ but this is not say that his creativity is low. No, not at all. The best part of his song is adding a bit of the high school syche song. ”Awe mama we! Ningekuwa ningefanya je?” That was on point and I think Eric Omondi deserves a standing ovation.

Good Work Eric! We’re hoping you’ll continue to surprise us.