For their new single, “something from Nothing,”Foo Fighters opt for a lyrical video that’s not quite a lyric video. Whatever it is, it’s dark.The clip, which debuted on their HBO series,“Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways,”finds the band performing live in Steve Albini’s dimly-lit Electrical Audio studio in Chicago.As frontman Dave Grohl sings, the song’s lyrics appear in white letters in and around the rockers from Seattle. “Oh, sweet ignition, be my fuse/ You have no choice, you have to choose/ Bid farewell to yesterday/ Say goodbye, I’m on my way.”*.Cheap trick’s Rick Nielsen makes a cameo, doing what he does best on the guitar while rocking out with group.“Something From Nothing” comes to us from sonic Highways, Foo Fighters’ eighth studio album that drops November 10.
By Vix.