The Country is closing in on the elections season and with the political parties primaries taking place, Kenya is witnessing strange changes. Besides the voting out of prominent figures such as Kiambu County Governor William Kabogo among others, Kenyans have decided to vote for people who they feel can be of great help to them.

Residents of Kipchebor Ward in Kericho town have decided to go against the norm and bring in one of the most strange choices. They have managed to vote in Eric Bett, a watchman, in the just concluded Jubilee Party Nominations. According to the Star Newspaper, Bett walked the streets during his campaign and also was carried on a Mkokoteni celebrating his victory.

The Party nominations process is still going on and the voting patterns seem to be changing as Kenyans are not voting along tribal lines but what they see in a candidate. Eric Bett in this instance has already floored incumbent MCA Joel Siele among other big names in the primaries and will be vying for the post on a Jubilee ticket come August 8th.