Ways to Get Paid While In Campus


Self-employment has never gotten better in campus.  While others are waiting to end their degrees and miraculously get corporate jobs, some are getting out of their comfort zones to make an extra income. Unlike primary and high school, the whole 8am to 5pm, gets better with a few units maybe two in a day or one every day with free weekends.  Pursuing a degree can be a platform to hustle. If you have persistence and ambition, here is a list we have put together on how to make money while still in campus. Most of these are freelance and don’t necessary require books to get it done.

  1. Social media consultant. You probably already have a social media account on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. How you manage and brand yourself is probably the same way you’ll do for a brand or an organization. Coming up with website content and how to convey it isn’t as hard as that engineering unit on a Friday afternoon. You can be a social media strategist for a startup company and earn from it.

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  2. Academic tutor. If you are a nerd, this is your area. Like have writing services, where you can type and compile notes as handouts, teach people calculus or do assignments’ at a fee. Kenyatta University students discovered this already. This can be given a fancy name like freelance proofreading and editing or something.
  3. Blogger. This can usually start as a hobby. Like having journal kind of work, then turn it into entrepreneurial blogging. Biko Zulu kind of blogging. Won’t you want to be paid to eat at Java and write a review? Or a tech company lends you a magnificent electronic for a week, for you to write a review and get people buying their products.  
  4. Voice over artist.  This is pure talent; do you have an appealing voice, would you stop the ladies feeling some type of way as soon as you just say hi? If yes, then look for advertising and casting agencies and get to use your voice and earn money.
  5. Event planner. I don’t mean the large scale kind of event planning, you can start small. If you are the charismatic one in your group of friends, plan a road trip, the venue and activities you would do and come up with a budget. That already is an event planned, do a few more, each time advance and sooner than later, you would have an event organizing company.
  6. Interpreter/ translator. Do you know your local language well? Fluency in both oral and written? There are a number of NGOs that usually hire research assistants for interior projects. Get to travel with Red Cross or some organization and be the mediator between the local community and the organization.
  7. Make up services. Thanks to YouTube, tutorials are effective. Master the art of makeup; practice it on yourself and your friends. When you get good at it, charge them. Soon you’ll be on makeup expos and earning money out of it.

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  8. 8. Travel consultant. Again turn a hobby into a money making activity. Go out of town, take pictures and videos have descriptions about the place you visited. Document your experience, the dos and donts, where best to go for a particular holiday, soon people who like to know more about it, and that’s how you can birth a travel and tours company.
  9.  Fitness instructor. If gym is bae, then make a name first on your fitness journey. Get people talking about you, sign up with a gym and help us get in shape at a fee.

Any other ways you can think of to get some mullah while in campo? Tell us below.